About Us

Brown dog smiling while laying in bed.


• We opened April 1st, 2006

• We opened our training center in 2013

• We remodeled the outside of the building in 2013

• We expanded into the rest of the building in 2019

• Now, we have over 6,000 sqft of playrooms for the dogs. Full of safe rubber floors, equipment to play on and full time supervision.

• We have 3,000 sqft of outside area for dogs to do what they like to do outside.

• We have 2,000 sqft of kennel space for a restful nights sleep.

• Each playroom has fans, air conditioning, automatic water bowls, echo panels and love from folks in the room.



Megan Heffley - since 2006

That is 54 years of experience managing dogs in daycare and boarding!

Megan Heffley - Assistant Manager

In 2003 I volunteered at F.A.C.E animal clinic for 6 months while I was completing a service project in High School. I did a lot of prep and gruff cleaning so the facility could operate efficiently. You could say it was my first job. After that, I took my first psych course in college and got to study newborn baby rats interacting with their nursing mother. I soon took to kennel work at a boarding facility and read a lot of books before finding my place here. 

As a kid, I had many outdoor cats, 2 dogs, fish here and there, and a bird. I now have 2 preschoolers and 2 dogs, Samual and Napoleon. I am also a caretaker of 3 feral cats, Lilli, Belle, and Grumpy. My favorite activities with the dogs are hiking, camping, playing Frisbee, training, and petting! The cats love to eat and I enjoy feeding them and watching them day to day. 

At Lucky Dog Retreat, daycare is a great place for a dog to be a dog while you are at work. It keeps them out of trouble or from laying around all day. The boarding is great because they aren’t kenneled all-day long –They get to come out and interact with other dogs for 12hrs and go to bed tired! 

Megan sitting with three dogs