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Robin Herman


I worked at McDonald's Corporation for 28 years before opening Lucky Dog Retreat on April 1, 2006. I left the corporation as the Regional Technology Department Head for the Indianapolis Region. I adopted my first dog in March of 1980 and have never been without a dog since that time. Currently i have five dogs. I grew up with horses and our family had a Thoroughbred horse that raced at Churchill Downs, Ellis Park and River Downs.


I have always been interested in rescuing dogs and spent my weekends volunteering at various animal welfare venues. I volunteered at the Home for Friendless Animals and served on their board of directors for several years. I've volunteered at Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, I'm an Advanced Canine Companion at the Humane Society of indianapolis and have served as the founder and leader of the Animal Ministry of my church, Life Journey Church.


During a meeting about the perils of dog fighting, I saw my first dog daycare. That was October 4, 2005 - we opened 6 months later. I wanted a business were I could take care of dogs and save dogs at the same time. I was thrilled with the daycare environment because I hated taking my dog to conventional kennels where the were caged all day long. This was perfect! Dogs love it here - and we love having them here.


In 2011, we started our non-profit arm of the business, Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue, Inc. and have managed to save hundreds of dogs from local high kill shelters. We've pulled dogs of all types of breeds, different ages, different places and in different states of their lives. Mothers with puppies, old dogs, sick dogs, broken dogs, you name it, we've probably had one like it - it's been a wonderful learning experience. Every dog is different.


I'm very involved in the sport of Disc Dog. I got involved through a friend of mine and it's been a great deal of fun and I love playing with my dogs. All dog sports involve training and playing and exploring new ways to have fun with your dog. I'm on the board of the Indy Disc Dog Club which I would encourage anyone to look in to if you want to enhance your relationship with your dog - and get outside and play yourself!


I currently have five dogs.


Abbey (~July 2003)


I adopted Abbey from the Home for Friendless Animals in 2004. She was about 10 months old then. She was running stray in a subdivision and a nice man finally was able to catch her and then brought her to the no-kill shelter near Crawfordsville, IN. I was taking pictures for our PetFinder entries and Abbey won me over. Abbey is a Yellow Lab / Golden mix. She's a wonderful dog and loves to play with balls, jolly balls or discs. If you can throw it, she'll catch it. She also LOVES to swim.


2016 Update - Abbey has qualified for 2 games in the UpDog Challenge. She'll be competing in the UpDog Challenge International Finals next spring. Go Abbey!


June 14, 2010 - Canine Good Citizen


2013 Update: Abbey placed 2nd in the Masters Class at the Skyhoundz World Championships.

Riley (Nov 2008)


Riley was adopted from Love of Labs ( as a 12 week old puppy. She was taken from the DeKalb County Humane Society where her and her brother were dumped after not being sold for Christmas gifts. 6 days after Riley left, an outbreak of parvo lead to the death of all the puppies in her area. Riley LOVES yellow fuzzy tennis balls and she's the dock diver of the group. Also LOVES to swim.

Dakota (~Aug 2010)


Koty was my first failed foster dog. I thought he was adorable. A friend had pulled him out of Indpls Animal Care and Control and I offered to take him into our foster dog program. From the minute he came through the door at the vet, I knew I was sunk. He melted my heart and I thought I'd get involved in the disc dog sport with him. After all summer trying to get him to play with the disc, I finally decided to give up. He just wasn't getting it and he wasn't having any fun doing it. I was getting frustrated and disappointed so I thought it best just to let him be him and I would give up wanting to play frisbee. I had already joined the IDDC Club, bought a bunch of discs and the cool T-shirts so...... here comes Skeeter....

2011: AKC STAR Puppy Certification


2015 Update: Koty takes first place in his divison in the Alpha K9 Air Dog Finals held at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

2015 Update: Skeeter has taken up an interest in agility. She is currently working on her CPE titles.

Skeeter Marie (~Jan 2011), CL2


In comes Skeeter Marie to save the day. Skeeter comes from the Montgomery County Animal Control and then to the Outback Australian Cattle Dog Rescue. She loves to catch discs, run, jump and play. My friend warned me about cattle dogs. Oh my gosh! She's been a trip - she herd's and controls things 24 hours a day. She always cares about who's going out what door and who's first or last. She's insane - but I love her. We played all disc season and can't wait to play some more. She's taught me a lot about training dogs and managing her athletic and nutritional needs.

2016 - Skeeter has qualified for 5 games in the 2017 UpDog Challenge International Finals.

2013 Update: Third in Women's Microdog Extreme Distance in the Skyhondz World Championships.

2014 Update: Nano has qualified again for Extreme Distance, Women's Microdog World Finals and Skyhoundz Microdog Classic World Finals. We placed third again this year, with a 43 yard catch.

2015: World Finalist Skyhoundz

2016: World Finalist Skyhoundz

2016 - Skeeter has qualified for 5 games in the 2017 UpDog Challenge International Finals.

Nano (~Apr 2010)


Nano comes from not one, but two stays at our local Animal Care and Control facility. From piecing together his history, I believe he was at IACC then picked up by a local rescue group. He was then fostered in a home that was charged with having too many dogs and then confiscated by Animal Control and taken to the pound. After waiting there for over 3 months he was released from the investigation hold and then failed his temperament test. His only option at that point was another rescue group. I saw his picture and decided to give him a shot at rehabing him and finding him a new home. One afternoon at lunch, they got out some frisbees and were playing with the dogs. Watching him flip and jump for frisbees for a couple of minutes, I decided he needed a career in disc dog sports.


The K9 Crew invited Nano and I to perform at the 2015 Indiana State Fair and the Colts halftime, January 3, 2016. (Video)

Bailey Joseph (Mar 1995 - January 17, 2011)


Even though he's not still with us, I can't list a bio at Lucky Dog Retreat without mentioning my little buddy, Bailey. He had just turned 11 when we opened here, he passed away 3 months shy of his 16th birthday. He was adopted from the Johnson County Humane Society at 6 weeks old. He was a 4 pound little guy that would fit in the palm of your hand. He had quite the attitude and really did not enjoy the company of other dogs. That being the case, he tolerated this whole dog daycare thing quite well. I will always miss him - like the ones before him, Comet, Winston, Molly, Bear, Little Dog and Dylan.



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