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Reactive dogs.....  Reactive dogs are dogs that over react to strangers, children, men or other dogs.


What doesn't scare you might make you nuts! OK, in all seriousness, dog's (and us....) have primarily 2 reactions to fear - fight or flight. A reactive dog can have several unwanted reactions to another dog, another person, a doorbell or anything that scares them. As with the fearful class, you won't leave this class with a calm, well behaved dog in all situations, but you'll have a much better understanding about why your dog reacts the way he does and what your best plan and reaction should be. This is *not* a class to rehabilitate your seriously reactive or aggressive dog. It is a class designed for dogs that over react to normal, everyday activities.


Fearful dogs.....


This class is also for dogs, that for whatever reason, are scared of things in the environment. Fear is still an over reaction to a stimulus. This is the dog that will cower when approached and might pee a little. Fearful dogs might be scared of people, vacuum cleaners, sounds, their leash, the car - whatever. This class will not make your dog a social party animal, but it will address his or her fears and give you the tools to help manage their fear. Puppies have a short period of time in their development in which they are better prepared to meet new things. Dogs that miss that opportunity as a puppy, struggle with new things as adults.


Reactive Class - 4 one hour classes, the first class for people only, the next 3 to practice what we learned.


This class is for anyone interested in learning more about reactive dogs and what strategies will work to help lessen the reactive responses of their dog. We will chat about triggers, positive reinforcement, various methods of helping to defuse behaviors. This first class is just for people - no dogs.


These classes are to practice with dogs and strangers. Practice, practice, practice. One of the problems with counter conditioning your dog's response to things is the opportunity to practice managing your dog and giving him or her a new response to their triggers. The number of dogs will be limited to attend this class.


Our trainer:

Robin Herman, CPDT-KA


Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed, #1112520

Certified Advanced Pet Care Technician

APDT Professional Member #68910

C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator #E750096

AKC CGC Evaluator #47279

CATCH Mentor Trainer

5 time Skyhoundz World Finalist, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

DiscDogAThon, Extreme Distance, Microdog Classic

2013 & 2014 3rd place, Women's Microdog, Xtreme Distance

Titles in Agility and Dock Diving Sports

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Recommended reading:


Feisty Fido - Patricia McConnell, PhD


BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0)

Grisha Stewart, M.A., CPDT-KA


Reactive Discussion Only


1st class is with no dogs. You may sign up to attend the 1st class only and not bring your dog the following 3-weeks if you'd like. We will discuss ways to practice on your own. $45


Some of Robin's dogs: Skeeter, Nano, Skeeter, Koty Dock Diving, Skeeter, Nano and the founder, Abbey

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