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Discounts and Passes

Shelter Dog discount

Membership discount

2nd dog, same family

10-day Daycare pass

20-day Daycare pass

10-day, 2 dog pass

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Daycare & Boarding

Sharing Siblings (2)

Senior - 1/2 day daycare



7 or more consecutive days

7 or more sharing siblings






  • All dogs play in daycare with other dogs.
  • When boarding, we ask that you bring their own food. It's more difficult for us to coordinate meals, but better for the dog's digestive health.
  • Medications are given at NO extra charge.
  • Hugs, pets, snuggles, love and support are given because we love dogs.
  • If your dog is anxious, we'll give them a peanut butter kong or some extra biscuits. If they need a bed or blankets, we're happy to provide them.
  • When they need to go potty - we let them outside - as many times as needed - no extra charge.
  • No gimmicks.

No extra charges for silly things - love and

caring for dogs is what we do - no extra charge!

*between 7am -12 or 2pm - 7pm

Only membership and shelter dog discounts can be combined

No charge for daycare if dropped off after 5:00pm. No charge for daycare if picked up before noon. Must be indicated on the reservation form as such. Minimum stay is $36 - one day and one night.

Regular daycare

1/2 day Daycare

Other stuff....



Self-serve baths





(during boarding and

full days of daycare)

5990 E. 71st Street

Indianapolis, IN  46220

(317) 849-5555

Locally owned and operated • Single location • Owner on site • Opened April 2006