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Puppy Socialization Party!


What puppies learn as puppies, most likely will stay for a lifetime. If your puppy never interacts with a child, he may forever be afraid of children. A vacuum cleaner, a stranger with glasses and a beard, a postal carrier, you name it. Puppy Parties are just for that. While puppies play, we'll talk about common opportunities for training and solving bad habits like chewing, house training, barking, digging, etc. Puppy play sessions are 1 hour from 2pm to 3pm Sunday's and are $10.00. This session is designed for puppies under 6 months old. Exceptions can be made for dog's under a year old if they are under 20 pounds and play well with the puppies. Many smaller breed dogs can be a bit shy and benefit from positive interactions.


Here are some links to learning more about how important puppy socialization is! Register below.


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