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What is a membership - A standing weekly reservation for a minimum of 1 day a week for a $2 discount on daycare.


Our agreement to you

  • To reserve your spot(s) each and every week in daycare
    • We’re not open for daycare on Thanksgiving or Christmas day
  • To provide you with a bin for food storage, leashes, medicine, etc.
  • Preferential treatment for boarding reservations, emergencies, etc.


Your agreement to us

  • To give us 24 hours notice if you are not going to be able to bring your dog to daycare
  • Notification by 7:00pm the night before is the minimum to not be charged for daycare
    • Call or leave a message at (317) 849-5555
    • Email us at
  • Keep cancellations and changes to a minimum
  • Standing reservation of at least one day each week
  • Standing reservation of the same day(s) each week
  • Provide current vaccination records on a timely basis
  • Keep your dog current on flea and heartworm prevention



Benefits and penalties:

  • $2.00 off all recurring daycare appointments from normal daycare fee
  • Rescue dogs additional $2.00 discount for daycare
    • Dogs adopted from a Humane Society, Animal Care and Control or mixed breed rescue (ARPO, Southside, etc.)
  • $10.00 late fee if picked up after 7:00pm sharp, and will be boarded after 7:30pm. Kennel set-up fee $10.00 and regular boarding charges apply.
  • Loss of reservation
    • If your dog becomes a safety risk.
    • One unpaid no call / no show.
    • Excessive reservation changes or cancellations


Since we're a small daycare, and won't overbook our playroom, we offer standing reservations, and a discount for customers who honor their reservations. The draw back to that is we turn down customers everyday based on the reservations that we have. So, we're happy to put you in for a weekly standing reservation, but if you can't attend daycare, we ask you to please give us notice (minimum of by 7:00pm the night before) or we will have to charge you for that day of daycare. We also ask that you keep changes and cancellations to as few as possible.


The membership discount at $2 / day is equivalent to one free day of daycare every 10 visits - or 5 free visits a year!



5990 E. 71st Street

Indianapolis, IN  46220

(317) 849-5555

Locally owned and operated • Single location • Owner on site • Opened April 2006