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The following is a snippet from our "What to expect from doggie daycare" that also applies to evaulations. It's important that we all make this a positive experience for your dog.



Although you know your dog is about to have a wonderful time, she doesn’t have any idea what to expect. She will get her cues from you on whether she should be worried, sad, anxious or happy. The calmer you are, the better she’ll feel. The less time spent saying your good-byes and hugging, the better. This is a fun day – and you should both be happy to be here. You’ll be back, she’ll figure that out. The sooner you leave, the sooner she’ll begin to adapt to her new environment and stop worrying about you. Visa-versa J


During the day:

Watch the webcam! Go to and click on Webcam. It might ask you to install an ActiveX component from Axis – that’s perfectly safe and ok to do.


When you pick him up:

Try not to be seen arriving. Come in the retail store door way and we’ll begin checking you out as soon as possible. We’ll also send someone to go fetch your dog. If your dog sees you come in – it will be harder to get him to go to the back door where we need him to exit. Although he’s had a fun and active day – he’ll be glad to see you and will want to share all his tall tales of the day with you.



A 2-hour evaluation is available to assure that your dog will be comfortable in a daycare environment.


  • Evaluations are by appointment and are no charge.
  • You will not need to stay here during the evaluation.
  • We will still need an application and current vaccination records on file before the evaluation.


Times available:

2 hours from: 9am to 11am or 2pm to 4pm, ANY day of the week.


Please complete the new customer application and indicate which day

and time would be convenient for you.

5990 E. 71st Street

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